Annual Bible Study/Note Taking Journal

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I originally designed this for my 1st daughter to help her better discern the preaching she was hearing from week to week.

In homeschooling we rarely get an opportunity to take notes on lectures. However, each Sunday we listen to a sermon at church that is specifically preached with our individual congregations needs in mind.

As Christian parents, certainly there is no higher calling than for us to raise up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. This is a day to day individualized task for each child.

We must also be teaching our children to rightly divide the word of truth that they hear and read. One day they will be members and leaders of the churches of this world. They will be responsible for choosing pastoral leadership for the flock. We must train them to listen well to the preached word and discern truths from untruths. We must help them discern the difference from entertainment and comfortable religion from that of true gospel preaching.

We want to help our children to be ready to answer for the hope that is within them. To have God's word hid in their hearts, they must be in God's word, meditating on God's word and studying God's word.

We also want to instill the habit in them of daily reading and meditation of God's Holy word.

This product was designed to help us in our endeavor to do all those things and to help our children to be accountable for their own Study of God's word.

"We offer a Masculine and a Feminine version. The Masculine version is pale blue with 2 soldiers reading at camp on the front cover and the Feminine version is Ivory with a young lady reading in a chair on the front cover.

Both versions are 8 1/2 x 11 with coil binding and sturdy front and back covers.

It includes:
  • 52 Weeks of Sermon Note Pages - It has a place for preacher name, date, verses referenced, and an area for individualized notes

  • It also has a list for prayer requests mentioned that day

  • On the back of each Weeks Sermon Notes page there is a page for the child to study out the topic that was taught that Sunday.

  • It has a place for questions to ask parents and/or pastor.

  • An area to write out that weeks memory verse

  • Personal reflection area and what they can learn personally from thier studies area

  • At the back of each booklet there are graphs for every book of the Holy Bible.

    • The child can check off the chapters as he/she has read them
    • At the end of the year there will be a written record for the child or parent of how much of the Bible was read that year.
    • It will help each child set new goals for reading God's word each year.
    • It gives them a since of accomplishment seeing how much they actually read and how much more there is to read.