School Planner
for Homeschooling Mothers

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This product is spiral bound with a clear plastic cover and vinyl backboard. It comes in the economy White version or you may chose from 4 pastel colors for an additional $1.50 per book. Now all your school plans can be in one place. You can either buy one for each child you are teaching or use different color ink pens for each child in just one single book.

It includes:
  • School Attendance/Hours Roster

  • Annual Subject Planner (up to 10 subjects)

  • Books Needed List

  • Sample Assignment Sheets

  • 36 Weeks of Daily Lesson Plan Pages (up to 10 subjects)

    • Each Weekly Lesson Plan, Double Page spread, includes the following:
      • Things to do this week
      • Errands to Run
      • Library Needs List
      • Child Training Issues
      • Weekly Memorization
      • Field Trip Details
      • This weeks read aloud
      • Artist & Musician Study for the Week

  • Letter Writing List
  • Convention Shopping List
  • Annual Poet Study Chart
  • Annual Musician Study Chart
  • Annual Artist Study Chart
  • Annual Plutarch Study Chart
  • List of Newbery Medal Winning Books
  • A place to keep your school related Web Site Addresses