The "Keepers at Home" Annual Calendar/Planner

8.5" x 5.5"

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This product was designed for the Keeper at Home that prefers a small calendar that will fit in purses or diaper bags and addresses the needs of the Keeper at Home. It is easy to find a calendar at any store, but most of the products available today are designed for women in the workforce. This annual planner, however; will help encourage you as a woman at home. It has beautiful silhouette artwork throughout of Women, Mothers and their children. It also has encouraging verses from the King James version Holy Bible specifically chosen to address the issues of women at home. This Annual Calendar will fit in any 3 -7 ring --- 8.5 x 5.5 binder that you may have used with other products. It comes in Antique Ivory.

It comes complete with 12 months of each of the following:
  • Monthly Calendar - with blocks to comfortably write in

  • Month in View Checklist for each Month

    • Checklists for the month
    • Home projects to tackle
    • Outside the home projects
    • School projects and activities
    • Pile-Up List for the Month
    • Add to Honey Do list
    • Pet Care and Travel Plans
    • Family Read Aloud Goals
    • Family Night and Special Family Time Planning
    • Family Clothing Needs list
    • Child Training Goals
    • Health Goals
    • Projects for children
    • Items needed for Home Decor List
    • An area for notes on your health as well as the family for the month
    • Prayer List
    • Service to Others List

  • Weekly Priorities Planner (7 day) for each week of the year

    • Personal Calls to Make for the week
    • Business Calls to Make for the week
    • Letters & Email to send
    • Items our Family Needs list
    • Grocery List
    • Errands List
    • Weekend Plans Prompter
    • Library Research
    • Yard Work or Gardening to be done weekly

  • Daily To Do List for each day of the week

  • Including: an area to write down all the things that need to get done
    for the week. It includes a Daily Meal Plan prompt for each day of the week

  • Blank note pages for each Month

  • Includes one complet set of January through December Tabbed Dividers
    The tabs are no longer available, we hope to find another provider of tabs in the near future